What is Nuru Massage?

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What is Nuru Massage?

What is Nuru Massage?


Nuru is a Japanese bodywork art of the sensual nature.This wet massage involves both the client and massage therapist being fully nude. A slippery all-natural, odorless, and tasteless gel is applied over both the client’s body. This is where the name “nuru” comes from: it literally means “slippery” or “smooth,” so sometimes this massage is called slippery massage, body slide massage, or even “soapy” massage, if an alternative gel that lathers more is used. The special gel is completely natural, made with nori, the seaweed, the delicious edible seaweed used in sushi.

This lubricating oil is colorless, does not damage or stain fabric, is completely non-toxic, and also contains aloe vera. Additionally, the nuru gel is good for the skin, providing moisture and rejuvenation to the skin, in a way that other essential oils and common massage gels or lotions are not able to do.

Depending on who you ask, nuru massage is sometimes said to have developed in ancient Japanese bathhouses, but there is a bit more history than that. The truth is that prostitution was legal centuries ago, and the adult industry was not at all anything like the underground scene it has taken on today. However, prostitution became in illegal in 1954. As you may expect, this law didn’t actually do much to deter the sex industry.

Instead, many of them jumped on the massage bandwagon, offering sensual baths and body massages. Even though sexual intercourse in exchange for money was banned, the industry managed to survive under the guise of these erotic massages, where clients were able to experience these sensations with the added excitement of knowing that what they were doing was still, technically, forbidden.

Mores specifically, erotic nuru massage is believed to originates in the red light district of Kawasaki City, Japan. Today, nuru massage has spread to certain areas of Canada, the United States, and Europe. Japanese culture rose to fame in the West after World War II ended, so people began to travel to this country to experience this erotic sensation for themselves.

You can imagine how the advent of the Internet turned this type of sensual massage into something of a more popular sensation all over the developed world. There are even instructions accessible online for couples to try these Asian massage technique on each other!

Once lubricated, the massage therapist glides and presses her body against the client’s in order to bring them both a unique sensual experience as opposed to using her hands to massage the client. Traditionally, nuru massage does not necessarily end with an orgasmic act, but it has adopted a more overtly sexual theme in recent years.

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru is a full-body sensual experience that activates different sensations in the body to bring clients an unforgettable session. Different variations of nuru have developed, including the soapier derivative mentioned above, versions that involve more than one massage therapist, versions of the massage adapted for couples to enjoy the experience together, sessions that take place in a shower or bath, and more.

In order for the client to obtain the highest amount of pleasure as possible, the masseuse typically uses her whole body on the client. The sensual experience is designed to relieve stress and create feelings of excitement that culminate in relaxation and contentment.

Nuru is one of the most common erotic massages that exist, and are not meant to be confused with a happy ending massage, which is a typical massage that ends in covert manual stimulation to completion rather than the entire lubricating oil experience. The special nuru massage oil becomes more slippery when activated by body heat.

In some variations, the gel is heated in a bowl before application, while some apply it while still cool and allow it to heat up naturally. Either way, this massage must be performed on top of towels or sheets that can be easily cleaned later, simply because the gel will get everywhere. Certain sex resorts and legal brothels have special waterproof mats or beds designed exactly for this purpose.

The sensation is often described as better than sex, simply because there is a tantalizing element of suspense during the massage. Whether or not it ends in orgasmic completion, the whole experience is focused on skin-to-skin contact and full-body engagement, not necessarily a direct sexual experience. There are many variations of erotic massages, but nuru is thought to be one of the earliest developed massage styles.

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