Overview of the Health Benefits of Massage

November 24, 2017 by wsadmin

Overview of the Health Benefits of Massage

Overview of the Health Benefits of Massage


You might have heard about massage before, but it is not likely that you have a full understanding of these traditions and techniques unless somebody close to you works in massage therapy and has taught you all about it. You probably are familiar with the superficial version: that massage involves the gentle rubbing and stimulation of muscles and joints in order to help you feel more relaxed and to help you feel less tense or sore. You might be surprised, therefore, to hear that the physical effects of massage actually extend beyond those boundaries, and there is a lot of research that has been done about the benefits of massage therapy for your mental health and emotional health, as well. We’ve broken them down for you below.

The Physical Benefits of Massage

  • Massage therapy can help make the healing process of an injury much easier. Massage is not the same thing as professional physical therapy, but it can have great restorative and healing effects nonetheless. If you’ve injured yourself recently, physical therapy or occupational therapy is a great place to start looking for the best way to promote fast and safe healing of that injury, but those techniques do not always help alleviate pain and soreness. That’s where massage comes in. Check with your doctor if massage therapy might be a good option for you – just make sure to be open and honest with your massage therapist about every single one of your needs!
  • Massage therapy targets trigger points to relieve them. This is where the idea of massage relieving tension and soreness comes in. Trigger points are bundles of muscle fibers that become strained and sore, usually as a result of overexertion rather than damage or injury. Massage can work deep into the muscle tissue to relieve those tense trigger points and help you to feel much more relaxed and less tight in those areas. Aside from those deep-tissue trigger points, massage is a great solution for a sore back in particular, as many of us tend to carry our distress and tension in our shoulders and neck without even realizing it.

Overview of the Health Benefits of Massage

  • Prenatal massage services are quickly becoming a viable option for mothers-to-be. This is a somewhat new tradition and has historically not been a very popular option, but prenatal massage has helped innumerable expecting mothers to feel more at ease during their pregnancy. Needless to say, pregnancy is not always comfortable, and keeping in top physical condition while pregnant is absolutely crucial to the health and happiness of the baby! Prenatal massage therapy is often practiced in conjunction with prenatal yoga, a more interactive way of relieving the stress and pain that accumulate in the back, ankles, and other areas of a pregnant woman’s body.

            The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Massage

  • Massage offers you a brief respite from the world. Sometimes you just need to take a break, and massage is a great way to help with that. When you walk into a day spa or clinic, or when you take advantage of the private services that Las Vegas Asian Hotel Room Massage has to offer, you’ll notice that extra care and attention are paid to the surroundings and ambient environment of the massage room. This is that you feel fully enveloped in the calming, welcoming atmosphere, and you’re leaving the hustle and bustle of the outside world at the door. You’re likely to encounter soft music, soothing moisture diffusions through the air, or incense. It’s perfectly okay to need to take a little break from the stress and struggles of everyday life, and that’s where massage therapy can be just the care you need.
  • Massage therapy results in decreased anxiety, stress, restlessness, and similar effects. If you suffer from PTSD, an anxiety disorder, or even ADHD, the calming effects of massage can work wonders on those obstacles. Check with a doctor to see if massage therapy is a feasible option for you, but the feelings of comfort, calmness, and connection might be just what you need in order to enact positive change in your own life (of course, this is also true if you do not have any of the aforementioned disorders, but for those people, the statement is compounded).

As you can see, the health benefits of massage therapy extend far beyond relaxing one tense muscle. Instead, you can rely on massage therapy to help your entire body feel rejuvenated, as well as to help your mind feel more at ease and less anxious or distressed. If you think that massage therapy might be right for you, we encourage you to give us a call at Las Vegas Asian Hotel Room Massage, where we can conveniently and professionally teach you first-hand how these benefits feel from the comfort and privacy of your own hotel room.


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