What is the most popular Asian Massage Therapy, & Is It Safe?

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What is the most popular Asian Massage Therapy, & Is It Safe?

Asian massage therapy is a term used to describe a wide range of treatments to the human body. Most Asian forms of healing and body therapy will treat the body, mind, and spirit, to help achieve optimal health. Varied treatments consist of light touching, use of pressure, herbs or the application of heat. All Traditional Chines Medicine practitioners will assess a patient’s condition based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, and begin to promote energy flow throughout the body, reestablishing balance. Here is a guide to identify the different popular Asian massage therapies, and if they are safe.

Is all Asian Massage therapy alike?

The answer is no; there are over a dozen different recognized therapies in the United States. Each method has its unique practices to implement an affirmative healing treatment. However, many processes share similar beliefs, practices, and methodology.

What are the most popular Asian massage therapies?


Acupressure releases tension, promotes blood circulation, and the body’s energy levels by apply non-intrusive needles specific pressure points, which creates a slight pressure, releasing tension and attempts to bring the body, mind, and spirit into balance.

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Amma is a Korean touch therapy that works deep tissues along pressure points, muscles, ligaments, joints to ease stress, promote blood, and energy circulation as well as maintain health.


AMMA is a therapy that incorporates bodywork dietary supplements, and herbal tincture for the skin. The benefits of this intertwined practice are the treatment benefits a person’s biological, and emotional energy.

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang focuses on massaging a series of areas around the navel to promote energy flow to all organs of the body. This system offers healing that pushes energy to flow through a person’s vascular, lymphatic, nervous, and muscular systems.


Shiatsu is a methodology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Shiatsu technique involves placing a finger, thumb, feet, or palm pressure to assist stretching and manipulation of joints, and muscles to correct malfunctions while promoting and maintaining health.

Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu does not consist of an order sequence or set of methods, for the treatment focuses on the entire acupressure meridian lines, rather than specific pressure points. The masseuse is usually in meditation, and allowing the medication to guide the areas of energy blockages within the body, and focuses treatment on those areas of unbalance.

Five-element Shiatsu

The five-elements involve observingmost popular Asian Massage Therapy the disharmony of the body. To see a pattern, the method of examination involves overserving, listening, inquiring, and touching the discord within the client. Once blockages are known, a Shiatsu massage therapy will be used to encourage energy flow into the areas of disharmony, and encourage balance, and therefore healing.

Integrative Eclectic Shiatsu

Integrative Eclectic Shiatsu is a combination of traditional Shiatsu practice, traditional Chinese medicine herbal remedies, and dietary modifications, as well as western-style of soft-tissue manipulation to realize balance within a person’s body.

Jin Shin Do

Jin Shin Do therapy is a combination of traditional Japanese acupuncture and Chinese acupuncture practices. This combination utilizes the breathing methods specialized in Taoism, and the finger pressure on specific acupressure points to create a body-mind experience designed to release physical and emotional tension.

Macrobiotic Shiatsu

Macrobiotic Shiatsu places emphasis on living a natural lifestyle to heighten one’s instincts to maintain optimal well-being. Macrobiotic Shiatsu treatment consists dietary advice, functional foods, breathing exercises, posture control, non-invasive touch, and self-performed Shiatsu by applying pressure to specific areas to increase energy flow.

Nuad Bo Rarn

Nuad Bo Rarn derived from ancient Buddhist practices, emphasizing specific hand techniques, passive, and stretching that open up the venous system, releasing tension from the upper body, and allowing energy to flow freely.


Tuina is a treatment that combines the manipulation of soft-tissues, and applying pressure, readjusting the spine to treat internal conditions.

Does Asian massage therapy hurt?

For the most part, it does not hurt.  Acupressure although it may sound invasive, the practice is an external practice, and does not involve puncturing the skin, or generating pain. Specific treatments such as Cupping may create some bruising or discomfort, especially in sensitive individuals. However, the cupping method is not recommended by Traditional Chinese Medicine, and therefore not included in the above list.

Are these Asian Massage techniques safe?

Yes, the above listed Asian massage methods are safe. All the therapies list above are to promote relaxation, release tension, and promote mind, body, spirit balance. As a result, all procedures are not invasive and considered extremely safe. However, you should always consult your family doctor for advice, and approval of any new regiment that modifies your health.

Where can I find licensed Asian Massage therapy?

Research Las Vegas Asian massage and you will find local organizations, certified practitioners, and information near you.

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