Couples Massage vs. Solo Massage

November 12, 2019 by wsadmin

Couples massage is simply a concept where you and your partner are given a massage as opposed to solo massage where it is just you and your therapist. Couples massage is mostly practiced by those who have partners, either married or not, while solo massage can be practiced by another one and is not dependent on your relationship status.

How Are They Different?

The major distinction between these types of massages is that two parties are involved in couples’ massage, and one is involved in a solo massage. Also, in terms of the setting, the room for the couple’s massage is a lot bigger to accommodate two massage tables.

The room in solo massage is not necessarily smaller, but it is smaller in comparison to the one in which couples’ massage is conducted.

Vegas Asian massages take extra steps by including a fireplace, water fountain, and other things that make the environment comfortable and relaxing.

In terms of the therapists involved in couples’ massage, they are usually two. However, just one is involved in a solo massage. 

Are They Any Different Benefits?

The benefits of both solo massage and couples’ massage are similar in terms of relieving stress, helping the blood in your body to circulate properly. The only distinct benefit between both massages is that it creates an avenue for proper bonding between two people.

Many people are very skeptical about getting a massage because it is unfamiliar terrain, but going there with someone you know quite well and getting the massage in the same room makes you more comfortable than you would have been if you had gone there alone.

For those who are always in search of privacy, solo massage gives you a sort of privacy that couples massage will not. In couples’ massage, you may not be able to express your emotions openly but solo gives you the freedom to do that.

couples vs solo massage

How To Prepare For A Couples Massage

First of all, you both need to make a decision to be there on time as this helps you to prepare mentally for the massage. It wouldn’t be proper to rush in tensed, and all sweaty. Then, decide on the activities you both will participate in as this will help both parties to feel more comfortable during the massage.

When you both get there, you can instruct the therapists on the area in which they should focus.

How To Prepare For A Solo Massage 

When you’re going alone, ensure you go there at least 30 minutes before time. This will help you to relax and feel more comfortable. When you’re about to begin the massage, you tell the masseuse about your allergies if you have any and provide information about the areas in your body where they need to focus.


The major difference between couples’ massage and Solo massage is in its setting, but the benefits are almost the same. A Vegas Asian massage offers you the best of both

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