A Brief History of Nuru Asian Massage

September 20, 2017 by wsadmin

Nuru Asian Massage

A Brief History of Nuru Asian Massage


For as long as we can remember and have been recording, the Japanese have always found creative ways to impress us. Somehow, Japanese culture can always find a way to turn the most remarkable things into something even better- this is no different with massages. More specifically, the nuru massage.

Nuru massages are intimate massages where both client and masseuse are fully naked, and as you can probably guess, they originated in the diverse country that we know as Japan. The modern nuru massage is the updated version of the ancient Japanese “soapy” massages that used soap as a form of massage oil. The areas where these massages came from are known as the “Soaplands” of Japan because of this very reason.

When soapy massages became popular, a Japanese law was set in place that forbid the act of penetration during the massage, claiming that the act was unfavorable and unprofessional. This law also stated that the act of penetration as a result of this massage was to be frowned upon and associated with prostitution. Instead of using the sexual energy that soapy massages created to get to “third base” as we might say, the energy was harnessed by the masseuses and turned into a pleasurable massage service that didn’t break this law.

As more and more Japanese citizens experienced soapy massages, they exploded into mainstream Japanese culture. It was no longer uncommon to be soaped up and rubbed down by a naked man or woman, and in fact, it was encouraged in many places due to the benefits that seemed to come with the massage.

The benefits included intense relaxation, sexual release, healing, and emotional connection.

It was soon found that this style of massage was just as good as- if not better than- sex and because of this, these soapy massages became a thriving industry.

Eventually, someone invented a new gel to use for soapy massages and instead of being called soapy, the massages were then renamed, and became what we know today as nuru massages.

Despite their popularity in Japan, nuru massages didn’t really catch on the western world until the arrival of the internet when nuru massage became a genre of porn. Videos of nuru massage turning into sexual encounters began to blossom online, and their popularity increased as a result of this traffic.

After the videos became popular, the act of nuru massaging did, as well. Westerners loved the idea and the thought of being rubbed down by a beautiful, naked, person was enough to give nuru massages an industry in North America and Europe, as well as Australia.

Like the earlier soapy massages, nuru massages were required to be penetration free and this became a law. This law is still in effect today and is strictly enforced for professional and ethical reasons.


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Today’s nuru massages can be performed on beds, massage tables, couches, and anywhere else that a customer might feel he or she wants to relax. The gel used in nuru massage is made of a delicate combination of seaweed and botanical extracts and before it’s applied to the client and masseues, it is heated to a warm temperature that is pleasing for both parties.

The overall goal of nuru massages is to relax the client, but because of the massages sexual nature, the massage both relaxes and excites, making for a truly unique experience.

The masseuses who are tasked with giving nuru massages are highly trained and professional in what they do and know how to offer the ultimate relaxation experience. He or she (typically a female) knows what techniques to use their body for and how to carry them out flawlessly. They also know where to apply pressure, for how long to apply it, and when to switch techniques.


Whether you’ve had the pleasure of undergoing a nuru massages or not, it’s easy to see that this style of massage isn’t going away anytime soon. The term “nuru” is still searched on adult websites, and the act of nuru massaging is still a fantasy in the eyes of many people. It’s thought that in nearly every large, North American city, there is at least one masseuse who offers nuru massages.


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