Massage and Spa Etiquette

September 8, 2017 by wsadmin

Asian Massage Vegas

Asian Massage Vegas and Spa Etiquette

There’s nothing more therapeutic than treating yourself to an Asian massage Vegas. It’s literally impossible to walk out of a massage feeling in any way sad, stressed-out, or in physical discomfort. If you’re new to the massage world, first of all, welcome! You’ll never want to leave. Second of all, here are some tried-and-true etiquette tips for you to keep in mind to ensure that your visit to the spa is a stress-free success for you, your masseuse, and everyone else involved.

Tip your masseuse! Don’t even think about not leaving a tip. Since different salons and spas might have different policies, if they don’t tell you explicitly the proper way to leave a tip, ask! They’ll appreciate it for sure. Whether you have to leave cash or write out a gratuity to be charged to your card, not leaving a tip is extremely rude. In most establishments, your masseuse is not just paid the amount you’re billed. It’s most likely that the company takes a cut – exactly how much can depend on the exact business – and the reality is that a large portion of the goes towards buying supplies and maintaining the soothing, welcoming environment of the spa. The oils and lotions can run out quickly, and reusable things like towels and hot stones need to be properly sanitized before they can be used again. Besides, interacting personally with clients can be stressful or difficult if the patron is not very well behaved (don’t worry; we’ve got you covered to learn what not to do). So be sure you leave a tip!

Keep it clean. Let’s be real. Asian Massage Vegas involves the client and the provider getting pretty all up in each other’s personal space. Do your masseuse a favor and take a nice shower before you see them. Shave, use a nice-smelling soap and deodorant, whatever you need to do. If you have longer hair, it’s better to keep it tied up or braided so it doesn’t get in the way. Not only will your masseuse appreciate it, but you’re almost guaranteed more satisfying results.

Asian Massage Vegas

Try to be quiet. Since Las Vegas massage is all about the relaxation, don’t chat your provider’s head off. Just lie down and enjoy it. If they initiate a conversation or some quiet, respectful dialogue ends up happening naturally, that’s of course fine – but trying to force a conversation can be both awkward and distracting. Let your masseuse focus on their job and you’ll both be happier for it. If you’re a nervous talker and still not totally comfortable with the idea of this stranger’s hands on you, just take some breaths. Most spas and salons will have soothing music, incense, or other calming ambience to make you feel more comfortable.

We hope these tips (get it?) have helped you feel more prepared for your Las Vegas Asian Massage visit. Just be calm and polite, and let your masseuse lead the way. If you’re at any point confused or concerned, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We wish you a happy and relaxing experience!

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