Asian Massage – Mind, Body and Spirit

September 12, 2017 by wsadmin

Asian Massage - Mind, Body and Spirit

Asian Massage – Mind, Body and Spirit


There are many different massage techniques and many different styles within those different techniques. I for one love a lingam massage. In my line of work I sit around all day long, and at times this causes the area underneath my testicles to become irritated and thus my prostate becomes irritated.

At my age this is very troublesome because it causes me to get up and frequently urinate at night. A prostate massage and or a lingam massage can alleviate these ailments altogether.

I know this is an extreme representation of a massage but these are the things to consider when speaking about a full body massage. There’s also Asian massages, Swedish massage, tantric massage etc. All of these different types of massage techniques have some sort of erotic spin to them.

Asian Massage - Mind, Body and Spirit

There are Asian massage techniques where the masseuse gets fully naked and uses his or her body as the massage tool to massage the client. I have also had one of these types of massages and there is nothing more exhilarating than being massaged by a full body or person.

Why am I talking about massage techniques? Well, massages are not only relief of body tension and of ailments in the bones, but they create a fascinating burst of endorphin’s and dopamine which actually alleviates the stresses of everyday life.

When you think about how a physical implementation such as a massage can only help you with physical ailments but also help you with psychological ailments there is something profound within this understanding.

Asian Massage - Mind, Body and Spirit

We may search all day everyday to find a relief that brings the mind body and spirit into one Focus and all along they sensual massage is all we needed. Las Vegas Asian hotel room massage offers all these types of massages. From full-body Asian to Tantric and even Swedish massage.

These are the types of massages that push the envelope of mind body and spirit Oneness. Experience one of these massages and you will never go back to the average everyday spa massage.

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